With K-Work, the Grass is Always Greener on Your Side

Residential lawn care services in Roanoke, Texas

Taking care of a lawn by yourself is hard work. You have to buy all the equipment and products. You have to get up early to take care of everything before it gets too hot outside. You have to take time out of your precious day to make sure the outside of your home looks nice.

Scratch all that - wouldn’t it be better to have someone else handle your lawn care and landscaping needs for you?

K-Work Landscaping provides comprehensive residential lawn care services in Roanoke, Texas. Trust our experienced professionals for everything from general maintenance to specific landscaping services.

Give Your Lawn A Head Start This Fall

While the seasonal color of autumn is beautiful to look at, the mess left behind certainly isn't. Why worry about fall cleanup when you could be enjoying your lawn and prepping for winter? Our team at K-Work Landscaping does the clean up for you, including:

• Leaf and branch pick up
• Cutting back bushes and trees
• Laying mulch
• Planting fall flowers

Give us a call today to get your lawn cleaned up!

Working hard to give your home a healthier lawn

We offer different packages to meet your specific needs. You can choose from:

• Lawn service only
• Lawn service + weed & feed
• Lawn service + weed & feed + hedge trimming
• Lawn service + weed & feed + hedge trimming + bed cleaning + mulch

You can request individual services from K-Work Landscaping as well, including fence repair and fence replacement. We offer these packages to make our lawn and landscaping services more convenient for our clients.

We’d love to have the opportunity to visit your location, evaluate your property and discuss what you need done by our landscaping pros. Reach out to K-Work Landscaping right now to get things started.